GIFT of the CRANE (Generosity) 2003 Video by Paul Donker Duyvis

Genereuze Maaltijd (Heaven and Hell) 15 min. Videoloop

Story about Heaven and Hell

Once there was a very honest and faithful monk , who had the chance to observe Heaven and Hell in his dream. First he walked towards Hell, where he could find a sumptuous room. In the middle of the room there was a big table, and on top of it there was an incredibly delicious banquet. Around this table there were people seated holding very long chopsticks. It is actually not bad at all to be in Hell, thought the monk with a little bit of envy.However as he could better observe, all the people who were seated around the banquet had very greedy eyes and were very skinny. The monk found it very strange because the delicious food was more than enough for all of them, so he decided to look closer.

They were all trying very hard to quickly get their food but the long chopsticks were difficulting the task, and even if they could manage to pick something, they could not get the food into their mouths, the chopsticks were again too long for that! And as if that was not enough, they were all trying to be the first to eat, so the chopsticks were hopelessly hitting each other into a big chaos and that brought them to a huge argument.That is why there was not one person who could get one peace of food into their mouth.

Finally the monk could understand their hungry gaze and their bony bodies.After leaving the room in Hell, the monk walked towards Heaven. And just like in Hell there was a sumptuous room with a round table in the middle. On top of the table there was also a delicious banquet and around it there were people seated with long chopsticks in their hands. However here, they were all smiling and looked quite healthy.As he could observe, they were using the long chopsticks to give food to the person seated at the opposite side. The one that was fed, feeling gratitude, picked some food to offer it back to the person near him.
They took care of each other. They could all wait for their turn and were all pleasantly satisfied.

Paul Donker Duyvis
(based upon a traditional Asian story)

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